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Our meals

We love cooking and preparing delicious and healthy meat-free meals, sometimes with fish or seafood, always filled with spice and taste, based on seasonal, local, organic produce from our garden, the nearby markets or the surrounding forest.



Every morning, the local baker delivers fresh bread and baked goods, and we add fresh fruits, cheese, cereals, dried fruits and nuts, eggs, homemade jams, yogurt...our breakfast table is generous and plentiful! You may enjoy it outside on the terrace or in our dining room. To see more pictures, please click here.

Always included!


Herbs and veggies from the garden and the forest, cheese from small local producers ... We love preparing a healthy three course meal that is full of taste and savours. Please don't hesitate to tell us if you have any allergies or specific dietary concerns, it is always a pleasure to try to adapt our menus to your needs! To see more pictures, please click here.

29€, with your choice of beverage
42€ with paired wines

Dinner with wine-tasting

Starter, main, dessert... each and every course is perfectly paired with different local wines and Ophélie stays with you throughout, guiding you through the fascinating world of flavours and aromas. For more information, please click here. 

54€, five different wines
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