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A few words about us



I was born inTokyo and grew up in France and Spain. After graduating from high school, I started to travel the world, studying and working in various different countries. I was a scuba diving instructor in Vietnam and in the Andaman islands, I worked with theatre in Brooklyn, as an English teacher in Japan, volunteered in India and in Mexico, and I also worked as a journalist....what kept it all together? Writing. I have published 3 novels and a reportage book. What else? Searching for balance. I am a passionate cook and I love physical exercise, yet I also like wine and having a good time! To each their own sense of balance... And then 8 years ago, I decided that I also needed a more serious face, and so I did a master in conference interpreting, while continuing to develop other projects. Recently, I became a yoga teacher and I can now offer private lessons



 I grew up in the countryside in Normandie in a house from the 18th century not that different from our current home. But before I settled down in the Bordeaux region, I travelled for work and for pleasure for 20 years. I have for example lived in Spain, in Quebec, in Egypt and in Belgium. I am a journalist and I specialise in Wine&Spirits and entrepreneurship. At Les Vignes Reines, I am in charge of the wine cellar and the wine-tasting, and I take the lead for various little projects around the house. In the kitchen, I enjoy working by Elin's side, especially having fun with desserts. 

I am currently deepening my knowledge of wine-tasting with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and it is an incredible pleasure for me to be your guide discovering our local gems over dinner or during wine-tasting workshops that I organise.

We can't talk about ourselves without mentioning our pets!  D'Artagnan is a young and lively dog who loves to play around and go for long walks and runs with us in the surrounding countryside. Roxanne, our beautiful cat, is a lot more discreet and shy, but perhaps you will catch a glimpse of her early in the morning (or late at night!) roaming the garden and neighbouring vines.... 

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